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I believe that age for voters should be 16 and over.  Here this article about why the voting age should be lowered down to 16 by Jane Switzer from Maclean’s. There are many reasons why the age for voters should lowered down to 16. According to Macleans only 38.8 per cent turnout among people age 18 to 24 at the past 2011 election. The rest of the percent were voters between the ages of 65 to 74.



Reasons why we should lower down the age:

1) At the age of 16 students in high school learn more about the government then any other age. Now the have a better point of view towards this system. They are introduced to a lot of political Parties and what their goals are.

2) Teens at this age are connected with a lot of social media. Through these social media websites they are introduced to the problems of the world. They also think a lot which is good for voting.

3) When these 16 year old teens turn 18 or older they will stop caring because now they are “busy” and “free”. They wont have time to pick a certain Political party. They’ll just randomly vote.

4) Also at this age, these teens are really involved in their communities such as volunteering, recreational sport, etc. They realize what needs improvement and what should be done.

5) You learn a lot at this age because we watch a lot of TV. The TV shows election ads which sometimes motivates us to do something.

6) At this age we also do a lot of community service such as the “adopt a street” program. This shows our devotion towards the good for our community

Overall, I believe that the voting age should be lowered down to 16. I am certain that a lot of other people agree such as the Quebec Premier Pauline Marois and much more.